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Am I a Good Candidate for NeoGraft Hair Restoration?

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Are you troubled by hair loss? If so, you’re not alone. Millions of men around the world feel like they have been robbed of their self-esteem as a result of hair loss. It’s true that some men can shave their hair off and look great. But that’s not everyone. In fact, the majority of us look downright foolish without our hair. If you are concerned about how hair loss is affecting your appearance and your self-esteem, take the time to learn whether or not the NeoGraft hair transplant procedure is right for you.

NeoGraft is a follicular unit extraction type of hair transplant. In times past, these forms of hair transplants needed to be done manually. This meant that the entire procedure was very long and very grueling. Thanks to NeoGraft, our surgeons are able to extract hair quickly, making the entire treatment a lot faster. Understandably, our patients and our surgeons appreciate having amazing results in less time.

What’s beautiful about the NeoGraft hair transplant treatment is that the results are natural. The only thing worse than losing your hair is having noticeable hair transplants. That’s not a problem with NeoGraft. Since incisions are not required during the treatment, there is no scarring. This means that you will be able to wear your hair as short as you would like.

Are you a good candidate for NeoGraft? The first criteria would be that you are losing your hair and your hair loss is affecting you. You have to want to do something about your hair loss. Next, you need to have realistic expectations.

Having realistic expectations is one of the most important qualifying aspects of a good NeoGraft candidate. For example, if you are completely bald on the top of your head, it would be unrealistic for you to expect that this treatment will leave you with a full head of hair again. In most cases, good candidates for NeoGraft have a decent amount of existing coverage.

The NeoGraft procedure is minimally invasive. That being said, the best results are seen by individuals who have good health. You should not have any medical conditions that make it hard for your body to heal after the treatment.

It’s important for your hair loss to be stabilized. This means that you basically lost all the hair you’re going to lose and some time has passed without any progress in your hair loss. If your hair loss is not stabilized and you have hair transplants, the end result could be an uneven appearance as your hair continues to fall out. Some have used medical treatments for hair loss as a way of stopping its progress.

The NeoGraft treatment has offered a ray of hope to men who have been battling with hair loss for some time. It can allow you to restore your youthful appearance and the confidence you had when you had a full head of hair. The best way to know if you are a good candidate for NeoGraft is to visit our clinic. Our professional and discreet staff will work with you in determining if these treatments are right for you. COntact us today at Plateroti Dermatology in Templeton to schedule your consultation.

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