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BOTOX: Your Solution For Dynamic Wrinkles

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Dynamic wrinkles are those small, thin lines that form on the face, neck, and forehead when we smile, frown, or pout. The skin surface seems smooth enough until muscle contractions force the skin to pinch or get pulled. The simple act of smiling can suddenly make us look much older than we really are. The simple solution to dynamic wrinkles is BOTOX® cosmetic treatment. This neuromodulator acts as a muscle relaxing agent. Signals from the brain reach the muscles, but the muscles are unable to contract, and this keeps the skin smooth and prevents dynamic wrinkles from appearing.

No Surgery Necessary

A facelift can improve the appearance of wrinkling and folding, but many adults feel they aren’t yet ready for such an aggressive procedure. Skin ablation is a tricky procedure, and many plastic surgeons and skin care professionals won’t even recommend it for some individuals. Peel treatments can bleach the skin, and abrasive resurfacing can actually cause unwanted hyperpigmentation.

The perfect alternative it BOTOX® injections. This doesn’t directly treat the skin, which is a good thing because it makes the procedure safe regardless of skin tone and texture.

How It Works

What happens with BOTOX® is that nerve signals get blocked once they reach the upper-level facial muscles. The muscles cannot fully contract, and this keeps the skin from getting pulled or stretched. Dynamic wrinkles such as crow’s feet and smile lines no longer become visible. It affects nerve signal transmission to muscles, but it doesn’t affect sensory nerves at all. Best of all, you can still smile and frown, and you can still purse your lips or narrow your eyes.

Injection Procedure

After a quick consultation that includes a close examination of the wrinkles that form when the client makes frowning or smiling expressions, we determine the proper dosage and injection sites. The fluid settles down into the muscle tissue but doesn’t travel anywhere else in the body.

After about four days, the full effect of BOTOX® treatment becomes noticeable. The skin remains smoother because muscles attached to the lower skin layers are now basically non-responsive to nerve signals. The effect lasts for about four months. Eventually, clients notice a return of visible dynamic wrinkling, but repeat injections are just as easy and safe as the original.

Most individuals are thrilled with the results and are happy that surgery or abrasive resurfacing isn’t necessary. Treating dynamic wrinkles with BOTOX® takes very little time, so individuals can easily schedule a treatment session around their other activities and there’s no downtime after treatment.

The Simplest Solution

BOTOX® isn’t some sort of cure-all, and it isn’t a magic potion that eliminates fine lines and wrinkles for good. It is, however, the easiest and safest short-term solution for minimizing visible dynamic wrinkling. Contact us today at Plateroti Dermatology Center to learn more and to schedule your personal consultation.a

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