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Can Botox or Fillers Reduce My Crow's Feet?

Can Botox or Fillers Reduce My Crow's Feet?

Just because looking older is a natural part of aging, it doesn't mean we have to accept it. The good news is there are more choices than ever to help refresh your appearance — including in the battle against crow's feet.

Using an integrative philosophy that takes the best parts of Western medicine and holistic practices, Dr. Carmelo Plateroti and our highly skilled staff at Plateroti Dermatology in Templeton, California, work as a team with our patients. Whether you have a dermatological issue like skin cancer or are seeking a rejuvenated appearance, including the reduction of crow's feet, let us bring our over 30 years' of collective experience to your treatment for the best possible results.

Skin and aging

We've all heard our bodies are affected by what we eat. Similarly, our skin can be impacted by what we do. Everything from damage caused by the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays to problems resulting from irritants like cigarette smoke and certain chemicals can take a toll on our skin and appearance. In addition, simple aging can decrease the skin's elasticity and strength and cause a loss of facial fat.

Crow's feet

Over time, many people develop various wrinkles, including crow's feet, which are fine lines near the corners of the eyes. Wrinkles can be classified into two types — dynamic, which are visible during muscle contractions like when you smile and static, which are apparent with both movement and when the face is at rest.


Multiple treatment options can help reduce the visibility of crow's feet, including Botox® injections and dermal fillers.


Botox is made from a toxin, which when injected, temporarily paralyzes the muscle. This inability to contract makes crow's feet less noticeable or, in some cases, causes them to completely disappear. This results in a smoothing out of wrinkles caused by repetitive muscle movements. 

It's important to note treatment will be performed in such a way that you will still be able to make facial expressions. Results usually last about three months.

Dermal fillers

Unlike Botox, which is particularly useful for dynamic wrinkles, dermal fillers can help address crow's feet that are constantly visible, even when the face muscles are not moving. There are a number of different types, and they vary from one another in a few ways, including composition and the length of time they are effective. Depending which one is used, results can last for three months to a year.

If you're tired of crow's feet making you look older than you feel, click our request appointment button today, or call us at 805-434-2526 to find out which treatment option is best for you.

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