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Ditch That Double Chin with Kybella

If you have a double chin, chances are that you wish you could get rid of it. Though some double chins are the result of weight gain, some are just hereditary or aging. Weight loss can help you ditch the double chin, unless it’s because of genetics or normal aging. And weight loss is easier said than done.

Previously, the only way you could get rid of a double chin was with a face-lift or liposuction. Face-lifts are expensive and major procedures; liposuction has its own risks. Facial exercises tend to be less than effective. But the providers at Plateroti Dermatology offer a new alternative called Kybella.

What Kybella does

A double chin is a type of fat under your chin called submental fat. Another term for a double chin is submental fullness, which sounds much more pleasant. Kybella uses a compound from bile called deoxycholic acid. When injected into the area of your double chin, it destroys the excess fat.

What makes Kybella unique is that it’s the only injectable treatment for double chins that is FDA-approved. The injection material comes from the human body, so you don’t have to worry about having a reaction to foreign material. Anyone can use it, regardless of age, race, or skin tone. 

Details about the Kybella procedure

As with most cosmetic procedures, there isn’t really anything that you have to do to prepare for Kybella treatment. Make sure to wash your face thoroughly before the procedure to reduce the risk of infection. Also, you should avoid taking over-the-counter pain relievers such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen because they can result in more bruising.

Although the procedure and recovery are less intense than that from a face-lift, many people are sometimes surprised to learn that more than one treatment is usually required. Unfortunately, It isn’t painless, although the majority of people receiving this treatment say it’s worth it. Many doctors will use ice packs or a topical anesthetic to reduce the pain.

A typical session includes 12-20 injections, although as many as 50 have been done. It will take between two and six separate sessions to achieve the desired result, depending on your specific case. Because the Kybella procedure works to dissolve the fat cells, there’s no reason to get more treatments once the fat cells are gone.

What results to expect from Kybella

Most people experience some neck swelling for about two weeks after each procedure. Other common side effects include redness, bruising, and numbness. Because of the fairly extreme swelling in the recovery process and the healing time required, repeated injections will not be given too close to each other.

You should notice a gradual reduction in the size of your double chin each time, though the results will be most noticeable at the end of treatment. One of the best things about Kybella is that the results can usually be maintained for many years if your weight remains stable. 

Most people are good candidates for this procedure, as long as you don’t have any type of bleeding disorder or are pregnant or breastfeeding. If you would like to learn more about Kybella, you can call our office today at 805-434-2821 or request an appointment online.

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