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M22 IPL Treatments for Brown Spots

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Regional skin irregularities such as dark spots and injury scars are difficult to improve using standard dermabrasion techniques. These brown spots lie below the epidermis and must be treated in a controlled manner so that the body can replace the tissue with healthier growth. Intense pulsed light, or IPL, is an effective method for lightening up these regions.

The new M22™ model skin rejuvenation device can be calibrated to deliver just the right amount and frequency range of light energies to treat upwards of 20 specific skin conditions, including brown spots, liver spots, freckles, and acne scarring. The procedure is quite simple and requires no downtime afterwards. We highly recommend this treatment for our clients who come to us with concerns about discolorations on and beneath the facial skin.

How IPL Works

Unlike laser resurfacing, IPL targets only the subdermal layers while leaving the epidermis unaffected. The energy is in the form of broad-spectrum light waves that are highly focused. The light passes through the epidermis only to be absorbed by the chromophores within the darker tissues that lie beneath.

When these cells absorb the light energy, they are slightly damaged and will soon be discarded as waste. The capillaries and collagen in the lower skin layers are constricted, and this stimulates a process that will result in an increase in collagen throughout the skin layers. The M22™ can be calibrated to deliver just those wavelengths that will affect the targeted tissues.

What Clients Should Expect

We need to consult with the client first so that we can examine the trouble spots and design a customized IPL treatment schedule. The treatment will be designed based on the size and tone of the brown spots or other discolorations, the depth of these damaged cells, and the overall skin tone.

During the treatment, we give the client protective eyewear. The M22™ has an integrated cooling mechanism that helps numb the skin and keep the client comfortable. Each flash of the lamp lasts only a few milliseconds. The skin will likely turn red during the treatment, but this goes away rather quickly after the procedure is completed.

We will usually schedule multiple treatments for optimal results. In the months following the treatment, new tissue growth, the result of the body responding to cell damage, will make dark spots virtually unnoticeable.

Better Skin Tone and Fewer Brown Spots

You can get more information about this effective skin rejuvenation procedure by scheduling a consultation at Plateroti Dermatology in Templeton. Contact us today to book an appointment!

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