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More About the Voluma Cheek Filler

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Voluma® is an effective and entirely non-surgical alternative to both cheek implants and high-risk facelift surgeries. This popular filer from the Juvederm® brand is capable of restoring volume at the mid-face, and with incredibly natural-looking results. Best of all, it is a long-lasting product that will leave your visage looking youthful and full for quite some time to come. Moreover, much like every other Juvederm® injectable, the Voluma® cheek filler allows for a quick, easy, and surprisingly comfortable treatment.

Why Voluma® is Different

Juvederm® is known for producing dermal fillers that are largely comprised of hyaluronic acid or HA. Given that HA is a naturally-occurring substance, Juvederm® injectables are unlikely to cause any extreme allergic reactions. After all, these gels are basically replacing something that your body already produces. Hyaluronic acid is an important skin-supporting substance that is naturally found within your joints, your connective tissues, and the very foundation layers of your skin.

Voluma® is one of several innovative fillers from Juvederm® that’s been formulated to last longer. This allows the formula to be used in a greater range of cosmetic applications, while additionally limiting the frequency at which repeat injections must be performed. Special cross-linking technologies make it more difficult for the human body to break the HA down. In this injectable product, different sizes of HA molecules have been strategically paired or cross-linked to create a more resilient and longer-lasting gel.

How Voluma® Reduces Signs of Facial Aging

The traditional option for reducing the appearance of midface sagging and creasing is to have a facelift performed. During these surgeries, a small incision is made either at the top of the brow or behind the ears. Then, the skin is pulled taut, excess tissues are excised, and the incision is stitched closed. Although these treatments can certainly eliminate loose and sagging skin, they often do little to restore volume at the midface. This can leave people with flat, pulled appearances, and decidedly unnatural-looking results.

By choosing to use the Voluma® cheek filler instead, you can turn back the proverbial hands of time by simply replacing the volume that’s been lost within the mid-portion of the facial structure. Not only will this eliminate deep, nasolabial creases or “marionette lines”, but it will also lift the skin at the jawline and fill in the hollows at your cheeks.

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