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Myths About Store-Bought Skin Care Products

Myths About Store-Bought Skin Care Products

Skin care products can help everyone look and feel their best no matter their age or gender. Examples include everything from cleansers, toners, and moisturizers to treatments designed to address specific issues like acne and wrinkles. Even sunscreen is included in this category. Many people often turn to the shelves of their local drug or grocery store for these products without even considering there may be a better option — consulting a dermatologist for the best, most effective treatments.

At Plateroti Dermatology located in Templeton, California, Dr. Carmelo Plateroti and our highly skilled team can meet all your dermatologic and aesthetic needs. Not only do we provide high quality medical care for issues like skin cancer and other conditions, but we can also address concerns about your appearance using our unique combination of Western medicine practices and proven holistic treatments.Skin care products

It's natural we all want to look and feel our best — and one way of accomplishing this is using skin care products to improve our appearance. However, between the vast number available and the myths circulating about these store-bought products, making the right selection can be difficult. Fortunately, a little bit of knowledge can help cut through the confusion.

Myth: Ingredients

Although some medical-grade and over-the-counter items may share the same active ingredients, the store-bought versions have decreased their concentration and therefore contain a smaller amount. The result? They are too weak to create any improvement.

It's also a common belief that natural products found on many drugstore shelves are the safest. However, these are not always regulated and may consist of botanicals and essential oils that can cause the skin to have an allergic reaction.

Myth: Cost

Many people believe purchasing skin care products at their local pharmacy saves money, but this is generally not true. Though medical-grade versions may cost more, they are a better quality, which aids in getting more noticeable results (and therefore buying fewer new products to try when the old ones don't work).

Myth: Good reviews

Just because a store-bought product has favorable reviews or has gone viral on the Internet doesn't mean it's the right choice for everyone, especially since people have different skin types, tones, and challenges.

The truth

It is certainly easy to pick up skin care products as part of a larger shopping trip, but the reality is most likely you won't be doing yourself or your skin any favors. Dermatologists are experts on specialized products and know what works best for individuals given their unique situations.

 If you're tired of throwing time and money into store-bought products that aren't showing results, click our request button, or call us at 805-434-2526 today to make an appointment for a treatment plan and personalized recommendations especially for you.

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