Proudly Offering NeoGraft Hair Restoration in SLO County

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People who suffer from premature hair loss often have lower self-esteem and confidence in the way they look. They may purposely avoid being around others or leaving the house. They also may react with anger or embarrassment if someone asks them about their hair loss. When you want to boost your own confidence and regain your former head of hair, you may be a good candidate for NeoGraft® hair restoration in SLO County.

What is NeoGraft® Hair Restoration?

NeoGraft® hair restoration is a cosmetic procedure that is minimally-invasive and done on an outpatient basis in the comfort of our office. It involves the use of a machine that transplants your hair. It is a variation of the FUE technique that involves harvesting single grafts of hair rather than cutting a strip of hair follicles from skin on a donor site. The procedure is done entirely with a handheld device that removes the follicles of hair. The device then transplants them to the balding site being treated with the procedure.

Candidacy for NeoGraft® Hair Restoration in SLO County

As simple and beneficial as this procedure sounds, it is not for everyone. Our doctor will first consult with you to determine if you are a good fit for the treatment. Ideal candidates for NeoGraft® hair restoration are patients who:

• Are in good overall health
• Have realistic expectations for the results of the procedure
• Have hair that meets the criteria
• Can tolerate more than one treatment, if necessary

The Many Benefits of NeoGraft® Hair Restoration

Patients who have undergone NeoGraft® hair restoration in SLO County and elsewhere often recommend it to others who want to get back their healthy and full heads of hair. They tout the treatment because it is:

• Minimally-invasive
• Realistic in its results
• Fast
• Long-lasting
• Helpful in boosting self-esteem and confidence

NeoGraft® hair restoration at Plateroti Dermatology in Templeton, CA can bring back your former head of hair, as well as your lost self-esteem and confidence. This procedure is safe, effective, and gives long-lasting and noticeable results for people who suffer from premature balding. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for NeoGraft® hair restoration in SLO County!

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