PRP Injection for Hair Restoration: How It Works

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What is PRP Therapy?

In cosmetic treatment, PRP is an abbreviation for platelet-rich plasma. PRP injection is one of the latest and most reliable treatment procedures for people who have issues with hair loss and various skin problems. Human blood is mainly comprised of red blood cells and plasma. Plasma carries both the white blood cells and platelets that are composed of many growth factors. The growth factors act as messengers and provide signals that aid in the normal skin cell functioning. The growth factors in platelets are used for a wide variety of medical purposes. The introduction of these growth factors helps to stimulate the functioning of the hair follicles and promote the growth of hair. At Plateroti Dermatology, we are proud to offer PRP therapy as a treatment option for any person experiencing hair loss and want it restored naturally.

How Does PRP Injection Therapy Works?

PRP therapy is administered in the following steps:

At this point, the PRP’s growth factors work to stimulate activity in your follicles, working to provide you with stronger and fuller growth in the area of application. By choosing PRP injection therapy, you can enjoy a thicker and more luscious head of hair – and the confidence that comes with it.


Are you concerned about losing your hair? Do you want a treatment solution for hair loss? If you are, PRP injection therapy could be your ideal solution for hair loss. To learn more about the benefits of this revolutionary treatment, feel free to reach out to Plateroti Dermatology and book an appointment! At our offices in Templeton, our team of experienced professionals will be happy to explain the process, answer your questions, and  help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

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