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Restore Volume Loss in the Cheeks with Juvederm Voluma

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If you are like many older people, you may have noticed a recent loss of cheek volume that contributes to an aging appearance. Since the cheeks are such a prominent part of the face, a loss of volume here can make you look significantly older than you actually are. One of the main reasons that cheeks tend to lose volume over time is the steady erosion of a substance called hyaluronic acid. Since hyaluronic acid is found in greater amounts in younger people, its presence allows for thicker skin that displays fewer signs of lines and wrinkles. This is where Juvederm Voluma® can be useful.

The Role of Hyaluronic Acid in Skin Aging

Many people are unaware of hyaluronic acid, but this substance is becoming an increasingly popular ingredient in topical skin care ointments, creams, lotions, and serums. This important skin component becomes gradually depleted in older people. Since hyaluronic acid has the special ability to attract moisture and retain it within your skin, its depletion leads to skin that is thinner and drier.

Think of hyaluronic acid as the water inside of a water balloon. The water balloon represents an individual skin cell that is fully hydrated. If you let the water out of the water balloon, it begins to develop wrinkles and creases on its surface. Re-inflate the balloon with water, and the process reverses, leading to a smooth surface that is free from lines and wrinkles.

When your skin becomes depleted of hyaluronic acid, it begins to resemble the deflated water balloon. This is why correcting a hyaluronic acid deficiency can rehydrate your skin and thicken it, reversing the process of wrinkle formation.

A Closer Look at Juvederm Voluma®

Juvederm Voluma® was specifically formulated for the filling and lifting of the mid-face and cheek area. It is manufactured using an advanced technique called Vycross that leads to a smoother gel with a consistent texture that flows easily into your skin. This special technique is what produces the lift and allows it to last for a long time.

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