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Start Laser Hair Reduction Now and Be Beach-Ready By Summer

Unwanted body hair is a hassle. All that shaving, plucking, and waxing takes time out of your schedule and the costs of supplies or waxing appointments add up over time. You can get your life and self-confidence back with laser hair removal.

At Plateroti Dermatology in Templeton, California, we use the LightSheer® Desire™ technology to help you reduce or even eliminate hair growth. Start treatments now, and you can look forward to being hair-free when you hit the beach next summer.

Understanding laser hair reduction

There are many laser hair removal systems on the market, but not all of them are created equally. Our LightSheer Desire delivers optimal results in disabling hair follicles just about anywhere on your body. These follicles can then no longer produce hair. Treatments are possible on your:

Lasers often require a high level of thermal energy to heat and destroy the hair follicle. This high level of heat can sometimes be uncomfortable on the surface of your skin. However, the LightSheer Desire has a built-in cooling tip that can make for a more pleasant treatment experience.

Also, no numbing cream is required with LightSheer Desire. The technology has a unique vacuum technology to create a more comfortable treatment experience for patients, fooling your brain into thinking about the movement in the skin rather than the working of the laser.

Even stubborn areas can be hair-free by summer

Typically, you need a series of treatments to reduce hair growth. After each laser hair removal appointment, your hair in the treated area grows back lighter, thinner, and finer, until it eventually stops growing there completely.

This is because your hair grows in stages, and the laser treatment works optimally when your hair is in its growing stage. At each treatment session, the laser energy damages hair follicles in their growing stage. Because each hair is in that active stage at different times, a number of treatments spaced about a month apart can deliver optimal results.

Exactly how many laser hair removal sessions you need is based on your hair and skin type, the area being treated, and the density of your hair there. Most men and women notice a dramatic difference in hair growth — 80% permanent hair reduction — after as few as three treatments.

Start laser hair reduction in winter

During our mild winters is the best time to get started on laser hair removal treatments. You’re more likely to stay out of the sun — an important part of your aftercare with laser hair reduction. Your skin is a bit sensitive to the sun after a laser session, so wear sunblock and keep skin covered. This is easier during the winter months.  

If you’re ready to ditch your razor and all plucking and waxing appointments, call Plateroti Dermatology today or book an appointment using this website. Start your laser hair removal sessions now, and by the time you’re ready to hit the outdoors, you’ll be hair-free.

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