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Target Damaged Skin with CO2 Laser Treatments

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If your skin is damaged and lines and wrinkles have developed, CO2 laser treatments may be the answer. Lines and wrinkles can form on any aged person and make them look older than their actual age. Laser treatments gently remove the surface layers of skin to reveal the clear, fresh skin underneath that is not affected by lines and wrinkles.

CO2 laser treatments maximize the results of multiple treatments within one treatment. They are very effective in treating fine lines and wrinkles and other skin issues. It is performed in the comfort of our office, but may require certain preparation before the treatment. For example, our specialist may ask you to take certain medications before and after the treatment to make sure healing takes place properly and you are comfortable with the treatment. Discomfort will vary according to the depth of the treatment, among other factors.

Oftentimes, one CO2 laser treatment is recommended, but in areas that cannot be treated aggressively, more than one treatment may be necessary to obtain the best results. In addition, to ensure that the results obtained continue, maintenance treatments at our office may be needed. For example, after a few years, even with the best skin care routine and proper aftercare, another treatment may be needed.

You may be a good candidate for CO2 laser treatments if you have lines, wrinkle, pigmented lesions, or acne scars. The treatment basically removes layers of skin in segments. After the treatment is performed, you will see your skin improving over a gradual period, provided you stay out of the sun and follow proper skin care protocols. The results may talk longer to appear depending on your age, if you smoke, and how you take care of your skin.

Whether you are dealing with uneven skin texture, acne scars, lines and wrinkles, or dyschromia, CO2 laser treatments could work for you. Make an appointment with our skin care expert at Plateroti Dermatology to learn more information about this useful treatment. We have offices conveniently located in Templeton. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for CO2 laser treatments!

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