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Why Choose Dr. Plateroti as Your Dermatologist in Templeton?

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Dr. Carmelo Plateroti offers a list of services that include skin care, injectable beauty enhancement treatments, laser treatments, hair restoration, and integrative medicine. Information about these services follows.

Skin Care

The doctors at Platori Dermatology are specialists in skin care. They practice medical dermatology as well as cosmetic dermatology. Dr. Carmelo Platori performs Mohs surgery on patients with skin cancer. He also gives PDT treatments for skin cancer. PDT treatment, which stands for Photodynamic Therapy, is a non-surgical procedure that involves the use of laser beams to heal the skin and promote collagen production.

Injectable Treatments

Injectable treatments offered at Platori Dermatology include Botox®, Voluma®, Volbella®, Vollure®, and Kybella®. Botox® works to lessen the appearance of crow’s feet and other fine lines. Voluma® restores volume to the face. Volbella® works to enhance the lips and minimize fine lines in the area of the mouth. Vollure® takes care of nasolabial folds and deep lines. Kybella® helps to improve the appearance of a double chin without surgery.

Hair Restoring Treatments

Thinning hair can be corrected with services offered at Platori Dermatology. Here you can have PRP, which is platelet-rich plasma, and NeoGraft®. With PRP, plasma is separated from the patient’s blood and an abundance of additional platelets are added to it. The platelet-rich plasma is then injected into the skin or spread over it to stimulate hair growth. NeoGraft® is a procedure that involves taking hair follicles and implanting them in places where more hair is desired. It is a procedure the FDA has approved. The results look natural. Along with these hair restoration treatments, Plateroti Dermatology offers Latisse® for longer and thicker lashes. Patients interested in this treatment are given medication to take home and apply to their lashes. After 16 weeks, impressive results become evident.

To find out more about the services offered at Plateroti Dermatology in Templeton, get in touch with us. Our talented staff can answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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