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Why Is PRP Becoming Such a Popular Cosmetic Treatment?

Why Is PRP Becoming Such a Popular Cosmetic Treatment?

Father Time takes its toll on our appearance from wrinkles and sagging skin to an increase in imperfections like acne and hyperpigmentation. Even hair follicles are affected, resulting in hair thinning and loss. The good news is platelet-rich plasma (PRP) can help reduce these signs of aging leaving us with refreshed and rejuvenated skin and hair.

At Plateroti Dermatology in Templeton, California, Dr. Carmelo Plateroti and our top-notch team use our more than 30 years of collective experience for the best possible outcome of all your aesthetic and dermatological needs. With our unique integrative approach that combines both Western medicine and proven holistic methods we use platelet-rich plasma and other state-of-the-art treatments to address everything from wrinkles, sagging skin, and hair loss to acne and skin cancer.

Platelet-rich plasma

Therapy with platelet-rich plasma uses your body's own blood cells to refresh your skin and hair. It employs plasma (the liquid part of the blood) and platelets, which encourage healing and contain special growth factors to regenerate and restore these important aspects of our appearance.

To create PRP, blood is drawn and spun in a centrifuge to separate the red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and plasma. The separated platelets are added to the plasma to form the platelet-rich plasma that is injected or applied to the skin depending on the procedure.

Reasons for popularity

In recent years PRP has become a popular cosmetic treatment for a variety of reasons:

Visible success

Platelet-rich plasma therapy can help address a number of challenges associated with aging and wear-and-tear on the skin, including decreasing wrinkles, signs of sun damage, and scars. This occurs because of the increase in production of elastin and collagen, which causes the skin to appear fuller, smoother, and tighter. Some people see improvement after just one session while others undergo multiple treatments for best results.

Hair benefits, too

Treatment with PRP is not just for the skin — it can help with hair thinning and loss, too. This condition can affect both men and women and make them feel self-conscious, thereby affecting their self-esteem. Injections of platelet-rich plasma increase the hair follicles' blood supply and encourage them to start creating hair again. It also makes the hair stronger and healthier by thickening the hair shaft.

Safe for most people

Another positive to treatment with platelet-rich plasma is that it is safe for the majority of individuals with the exception of those with a few health conditions and taking certain medications like blood thinners. The fact that it uses a person's own blood is also a benefit as there is no risk of infection.

If you're tired of looking in the mirror and seeing an aging appearance or thinning hair, just click our request button, or call us at 805-434-2526 today to make an appointment and learn how PRP treatment can help.

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