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Why You Should Only Let a Professional Do Your Cosmetic Treatments

 Why You Should Only Let a Professional Do Your Cosmetic Treatments

When trying to look your best, you have many choices for how to proceed, including do-it-yourself over-the-counter treatments, visiting an esthetician, and seeing a cosmetic dermatologist. However, these options are not created equal in terms of what services they can perform or what outcomes occur. This is why enlisting the help of a professional dermatologist for your cosmetic needs is your best bet for the most successful outcome. 

Dr. Carmelo Plateroti and our top-notch staff at Plateroti Dermatology in Templeton, California, integrate Western medicine with holistic care for effective aesthetic and dermatological treatments that truly make a difference. Whether you're looking to freshen your appearance or are dealing with a medical-related skin issue, we can help.

Types of cosmetic treatments and providers

There are several types of cosmetic treatments, but they typically do not work as well as seeing a professional.

Over-the-counter (OTC)

All it takes is a walk through the drugstore to see a seemingly endless amount of products for everything from smoothing wrinkles to reducing acne and more. However, there are a number of challenges with going this route. For one, without a professional diagnosis, people are left to guess at what they need. 

In addition, most OTC skincare products do not contain the same high-quality ingredients or at a great enough concentration to ensure positive results.


Estheticians seem like they may be a good option, and in certain limited situations, they might be, but they do not have medical training and can only perform treatments to the outermost layers of the skin. They are not able to diagnose skin conditions, prescribe medications or perform treatments like injectables and fillers.

Cosmetic dermatologists

Cosmetic dermatologists have the most education and training and can do the widest variety of treatments. They specialize in the skin, nails, and hair and can diagnose and address over 3,000 conditions.

Injectables and fillers

Dermatologists can use injectables and fillers to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, increase facial volume, and decrease sagging skin. Certain treatments can also aid in treating double chins and enhancing the lips.

Laser procedures

Laser treatments are another tool dermatologists can use to improve skin tone and texture by reducing age and sun spots, acne scars, pigmented areas, broken capillaries, and more. Lasers can also reduce unwanted hair and improve vaginal comfort.

Skin treatments

Skin treatments such as chemical peels to reduce excess oil and bacteria that cause acne and microneedling to stimulate the body's production of collagen are two additional procedures that only dermatologists can perform.

Although numerous options are available for treating skin problems from wrinkles to scars and more, for best results, consult a professional who has the knowledge and treatment options available to make a significant difference. Call us at 805-434-2526, or click our request button today to make an appointment and find out how we can help.

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