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Maintain A Youthful Appearance with BOTOX Treatments

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Many adults who experience age-related wrinkling and smile lines on the face are incorporating BOTOX® injections into their skin care maintenance program. BOTOX® offers a non-surgical means to reduce the appearance of small wrinkles by minimizing the amount of muscle contraction beneath the facial skin. It doesn’t make your face numb, and it doesn’t keep you from smiling or frowning. It does help create a smoother facial skin surface, and this is why it is so popular as a once or twice per year cosmetic treatment. If you’ve never tried this treatment, read on to learn why its popularity is still increasing and why we recommend it to our clients who bring their dynamic wrinkling concerns to us.

How BOTOX® Works

BOTOX® can be safely administered by a dermatologist or other skin specialist. It is a formula derived from a protein produced by bacteria. In a diluted form, it blocks signals from the nerves to the muscles, preventing the formation of dynamic wrinkles with muscle contractions.

It is the contraction of these muscles that pinches the skin around the mouth, near the eyes and on the forehead. Skin that is brittle or less supple due to decreased amounts of collagen can crease, which is the cause of those smile lines and crow’s feet. While abrasive resurfacing, chemical peel treatments or skin ablation can help correct this problem, many folks would simply prefer the simplest option possible. BOTOX® is a simple alternative that many people find extremely effective.

Administering BOTOX® Treatments

We like to consult with our clients who ask us about this treatment. The consultation allows us to see the wrinkling on the client’s face and determine what is causing it. If the wrinkles are dynamic in nature, meaning they appear when the skin is relaxed or pulled taut, BOTOX® can help correct this.

The solution is injected just beneath the skin and takes just 30 minutes to complete. After a day or two, the muscles relax, and they don’t contract as much as they did before the treatment. Smile lines and crow’s feet disappear, but the smile doesn’t.

As Part of a Maintenance Program

Obviously, regular cleaning and moisturizing of the facial skin is the best way to keep it moist and supple. Many of our clients choose to have their injections performed about once every six months as part of their maintenance program. The effects of BOTOX® last about this long before repeat injections are necessary. However, the relaxed muscles are slowly being trained to stay relaxed, which means less of the solution is needed for future treatments.

Advantages Over Other Treatments

We don’t intend to promote Botox as the only viable treatment for dynamic wrinkles on the facial skin. However, this procedure is far simpler than a facelift, brow lift, deep chemical peel treatments and laser resurfacing. BOTOX® can be administered to anyone regardless of their skin tone and poses very little risk for qualified candidates.

Add BOTOX® to Your Facial Skin Care Regimen

It’s a simple procedure that can vastly improve your overall appearance. You want a youthful-looking face, and that’s what you can achieve with BOTOX®. We are pleased to offer this time-tested and proven treatment to clients looking to smooth their wrinkles at Plateroti Dermatology in Templeton. Contact us today to learn more and to schedule your personal consultation.

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